More enabled communication for everyone

With the state of the art Nvidia Jetson TX2, multiple calculations and algorithms can be precisely made and followed. This allows for thing such as live translations VIA audio and visual scanning over a proper database.

Modern design

The Nvidia Jetson is built with the modern world in mind and has a sleek design, a fully customizable user interface and software sure to help you in your daily life.

Next Generation Viewing experience

The Vector Gear is made from miltiple custom retinal projectors, trials at lightfield technology and more. This experimenting allowed for a viewing experience that has high resolution and framerate to be created.

Higher Processing power

With the usage of the Nvidia Jetson TX2 (which is arguably the most important part of the entire system), the Vector Gear holds more processing power than most computers used by the public.

Hyperrealistic Real World simulations

By using special sensors, the Vector Gear can simulate 3d objects so realistically they seem as if they were right there. For example, a piece of cardboard could be scanned and a sensor could be placed to make it feel as if it were a guitar and have the same output.

Unlimited capabilities

With its ability to seamlessly connect the virtual and real world, the Vector Gear may be seen in the Medical, Entertainment, Military and even Musical field one day.

Games for the Future

  • 01.

    The Hunt 2066 -> A game inspired by the original game "Duck Hunt" that uses your enviornment to create a game where the player plays as a hunter in 2066, hunting down rouge cyborgs.

  • 02.

    Runner -> A parkour game that allows the player to do parkour around certain parts of their area against others to achieve real life prizes.

  • 03.

    Inferna Fores -> A real life horror based on "Call of Duty: Zombies" that uses sensors, item placements and several add=ons to turn a location into a real life COD zombies map.

  • 04.

    Cardinal Factor -> A game inspired by "SAO: Ordinal Scale" that uses real life animaltronics and weaponry to have the player fight bosses, other players, guilds, parties and enemies within the game for the chance of real prizes.