About us

Walking to the future, one step at a time.

Walker Industries is a company interested in boosting the knowledge the human race holds. Started in a single computer, the company has slowly grown from a one man operation to a network interested in seeing the limit of humankind's technology, then completely shattering those boundaries. Always on the lookout for new technological advances, Walker Industries is not afraid to fail if it means something untouched may be found.

Walker Industries started when Walker realized one day how bad of a shape the world he lived in was. From that moment, he dedicated his work to advancing technology for everyone. With the ongoing research rates higher than never before, Walker Industries is devoted to advancing technology and creating a new era of technology. With each day, the future gets closer and closer. Will you decide to cling onto the past or look onto a better, more reliant future where there is a place for everybody?

Future products

A recreation of the Lockheed SR-71 BlackBird to be intergrated with modern engines and electronics, allowing for mutliple intergrations not seen before. This includes both vertical and horizontal landoff, newer and more advanced piloting systems and the hybrid of scramjet engines and the engines used originally to accelerate the engine speed to speed untouched by plane. Also to be coated in {redacted} to allow for extreme stealth.

Jet type

A line of prosthetics directly connecting to the brain, allowing for more advanced/realistic prosthetics. These may be capable of being controlled like the original missing body part, have overall higher health, and possibly even allow the user to feel as if the body part was always there. There are also soft motors to replicate the actual movements of the human hand. Over time, the prosthetics may be made for more advanced body parts.

Prosthetic type

A game in which the player goes against real animaltronics and other players for a chance to go big or go home. While requiring high amounts of physical activity, it is worth it as the game is NOT pay to win, requires actual skill/practice and has real life rewards. At the end of each year, there is one large championship across players that is {redacted}. Developers also get no leverage against other players and will also need to work to make it to the top.

Cardinal Factor
Game type

A car using new infrastructure to create a vehicle fit for the future. With extreme G-force protection, high speed and new tire designs, this vehicle is like nothing in the 21st century. The old design of past cars have been trashed and forgotten to create what is the marvel known as {redacted}. With more updates and designs to come, both fashion and function are seen in the {redacted}.

Land Vehicle type

A holographic device acting as a computer on your wrist. With unlimited information at the tip of your finger, you will have all you ever need a few inches away from you. As the {redacted} uses fog projection, object detection and most importantly {redacted}, the holograms react to you as if they were a part of your body. This is especially with the {redacted} added to it. This may as well be one of the most ambitous piece of technology Walker Industries has listed for creation.

Holographic type

And much, much more to come...