Getting Started

What is this?

Ultra!Ultra! UR glass (formally known as the Vector Gear) is an AR-like system capable of intergrating the virtual world onto the point that a hyperreality-like experience is created. Said reality is achieved through powerful networking/computing systems such as the Nvidia Jetson TX2, advanced image projection (with increased FOV) by retinal projection and lightfield technology and [redacted]. Below, more information will be shown in detail.

What's Hyperreality?

Hyperreality is a phenomenon in which someone is unable to distinguish simulated reality to reality due to the simulation technology being extremely advanced/realistic. There have been multiple tries at this, leading to argumented reality and mixed reality. In this case, a digital, 3d world will constantly overlap over reality.

What makes this so innovative?

The Vector Gear uses the Nvidia Jetson TX2 as a CPU to allow for extreme computing and higher 3d model and texture quality. It is a 7.5 watt supercomputer that can be put in someone's pocket. It has 59.7GB/s of memory bandwidth, 4K x 2K 60 Hz video encode and decode and 8 GB 128 bit LPDDR4 memory. The space range has not been fully set yet, but right now it may just be between 500GB to 1.5TB depending on the success of the first models. There is yet to be a definite charge and usage time. More specifications will be known with the advancement of prototyping and development.

How far are the glasses into development?

In development, custom PCBS such as a human interface board have been designed are currently being tested. A user UI is currently being created and tested on the Unreal Engine. A cover has been designed and is yet to be made, and a custom cooling system has been made. The goal is for maximum usage with the smallest amount of charge. For this reason, custom batteries may be looked into. The imaging system may work by retinal projection similar to that of the hololens, but imaging VIA brain technology will be looked into when further into the project. More will be shown in the monthly emails for subscribers along with the records being kept at a TBA archive.

The next generation of technology is here.

What will the Vector Gear bring?

Computing Features

Extended Memory

The Vector Gear holds both physical and an optional network memory to increase the amount of space able to be held and processed by the Nvidia Jetson TX2.

Higher Capability OS

By intergrating a system that is able to use the knowledge of the real world, simulated world and user knowledge, the OS of the Vector Gear is fitted for a new generation of technology.

Advanced Projection

By using lightfield technology and retinal projection, the Vector Gear allows for high definition images, 3d models and visuals at the tip of your fingers.

Next Generation CPU

The Vector Gear uses a next generation CPU to allow for better and more advanced visuals and system abilities.